A new look is never just a new look.

If you normally dress business-casual and then you show up on Zoom with your hair dyed neon pink and a new leather jacket, your coworkers are probably going to wonder what brought on the sudden change.

The same goes for brands and their logos. When a company unveils a new logo, their audience may like it. They may dislike it. But either way, they will be curious about the reason behind the change.

At HATCH The Agency, we’ve found that brands tend to re-do their logos not just because it’s “time for a change” — but because they’ve reached a key milestone in their business. Those moments usually fall into one of five categories:

1. You’ve grown.
Much like a teenager’s sneakers, logos can be outgrown. Maybe you’ve broadened your product offerings or acquired another company. And you realize the logo you had as a smaller company just doesn’t fit anymore.

2. Your industry’s gotten more crowded.
There’s a reason the expression is “stand out from the crowd,” not “stand out from the few.” When there are more brands competing for the same customers, your logo needs to work harder to differentiate you.

3. You’re showing up in new places.
You’ve expanded your market, maybe even going international. Or you’ve gone from a brick-and-mortar business to digital-first. Either of these moves could necessitate rethinking how your logo appears to new audiences.

4. Your strategy has shifted.
A brand is a lot bigger than a logo. But a logo is an important part of any brand. And if your brand strategy has shifted (unapologetic plug: we can help with that part, too) – a logo evolution can be a strong way to signal your new direction.

5. Your logo has become a liability.
Times change, and sometimes logos — and whole brands — must change with them. If the symbolism or imagery of your logo has become culturally or socially problematic, it’s high time for a redesign.

Does one of these moments sound like what your brand is currently experiencing? Is there another moment to change your logo that we missed? Let us know:

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