Is it time to consider rebranding your business?


If your marketing team is saying these 3 things,
it might be.


“Rebrand? Whoa, whoa, whoa … that sounds drastic.” We get it: Rebranding your business is a big step. But there are times along most businesses’ journeys when they need to shift the way they are perceived in order to succeed and grow. If you and your team find yourself saying, thinking, or texting each other the three thoughts below frequently, you should think about a rebrand (we’d be happy to talk it through with you).

“People know our products, but they don’t know who we are.”
If you find yourself saying this one, there’s likely a disconnect between your product marketing and your brand marketing. Product marketing drives sales of your specific products or services — which, we don’t have to tell you, is critical. Brand marketing focuses on building awareness and reputation for your entire business. While that may seem less pressing in the short term, building a strong brand that consumers know and trust can pay long-term dividends for both existing products and, especially, launches of new products.

“We’re all saying different things.”
If your product team, your marketing team and your sales team were asked to describe your brand, would they all tell the same story? Or would the product team tell a product story, the marketing team tell a benefits story, and the sales team tell a bottom-line story? If it’s the latter, you need a brand narrative — a concise, streamlined story your entire organization can use as a communications platform. Developing this narrative is a key step in any rebranding process.

“The sales team is frustrated and they’re looking to us for help.”
Your sales team isn’t getting the results they’re hoping for and they’re leaning on your marketing team for support. What do you do? A full rebrand isn’t always the answer, but it could be. If sales is struggling to tell a compelling story that motivates their potential customers to act, and more subtle marketing moves aren’t moving the needle, it might be time to rethink your brand platform — and, potentially, bring in some fresh thinking from a branding agency with an outside perspective.

Sound familiar?
If the quotes above are sounding eerily familiar, we promise we haven’t been listening to you through your iPhone — we’ve just been at this for long enough to have heard them all many times over. As experienced brand strategists, we’d love to hear the specifics of your brand’s challenges and help you think them through. Drop us a note:

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