Three Ways We’re Using AI to Work Faster and Smarter


If your LinkedIn feed looks anything like ours, it does not lack for thought leadership about artificial intelligence (AI) — its potential, its pitfalls, and what it all means. This article is not more of that.

AI, in its current state, is a tool for people. A tool we’ve started experimenting with and found to be super-useful for some tasks, and less helpful for others. Here are three ways we, a creative branding agency, are using AI to work smarter and more efficiently:

  1. Rev Up Research
    ChatGPT and the like are imperfect when it comes to the information they generate — AI’s answers can be incomplete or downright wrong. Still, there’s something refreshing about getting a single, human-like answer to your question rather than a page of Google results to comb through. We find it to be a good jumping-off point for research, from which we can take useful bits of information and check them against authoritative sources.
  2. Substitute for Stock
    Finding exactly the right stock image to help present a creative idea or board up a script is tedious. Making it in Photoshop is time-consuming. We’re finding generative AI tools like Midjourney to be a promising, if inconsistent, alternative for these “behind-the-scenes” images needed during the creative process. Sometimes the AI-created image is exactly what we hoped. Other times, the result is weird and uncanny. But these programs will keep improving with time, and we’ll keep getting better at using them.
  3. Broaden Brainstorming
    When it comes to creative brainstorming, AI is a quick and helpful way to fill up a previously blank page with an expansive range of ideas, or product names, or whatever it is you need to come up with. Will all of these ideas be winners? Nope. Will any of them be winners? Maybe not. But we bet some of the many possibilities generated by AI will help spark new solutions in your human brain.

What smart ways are you using AI to make your work better or your life easier? We’re always open to some fresh human intelligence.

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