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If you’ve stood bewildered at the dairy section fridge, you know: Buying milk has gotten complicated. How’s a traditional milk brand (even a New-England-famous one) supposed to stand out among the organic, the plant-based, the downright trendy? It’s a whole thing.


Pour out
some knowledge

Parents want to be informed about the milk they give their kids. Farm-to-table clichés won’t cut it. So we went deeper to answer questions like “Which farms does Hood work with?”, “How do they keep the milk super-fresh?” and “Are cows cute?” (You bet they are).



A 2020-proof

To tell this story right, we needed to take viewers to the farm and into families’ kitchens. With flexibility and a ton of teamwork, we pulled off a COVID-safe shoot with many team members participating remotely (watching live drone footage from home was pretty cool).


Milking it
for all its worth

On air in New England and New York, our TV spot for Hood Milk is simplifying the dairy dilemma for parents by giving them new, relevant reasons to trust the same brand Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma did.
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