Getting Hood Sour Cream
stuck in consumers’ heads

Every day isn’t a holiday. Unfortunately for Hood Sour Cream. While younger families would buy it for the Super Bowl, parties or the occasional Taco Tuesday, they didn’t think of it as an everyday thing.


Want to be memorable?
Be catchy

Showing delicious ways to enjoy Hood Sour Cream daily was a given. But we needed to make the message really stick. So we turned to Gratitude Sound and musician Cooper Evello to help us create an original, super-catchy jingle.


Let me count
the ways

There are so many ways to love Hood Sour Cream. We wanted to remind people of their comfort food faves while also giving them some fresh ideas. A fast-moving spot full of creative camera movements let us do both.

It’s a hit!

We didn’t just get a song about Hood Sour Cream stuck in people’s heads. We got the product into their fridges. In the 26 weeks following the launch of the commercial, Hood Sour Cream sales were up 20% in New England and Albany.
of viewers remember our spot
the day after viewing
(compared to category norm of 37%)

Karen Silveira
Marketing Director, HP Hood

“This was a truly collaborative team effort every step of the way, from bouncing around early ideas, to figuring out how to keep the energy level high through movement, and making sure every food item looked perfect.”


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