What does a goat have to do with banking?
A lot, actually

Brand Strategy / Advertising / Digital / Social
All regional bank marketing sounds samey.
At least, it does to the kind of people MountainOne serves: Working people and small business owners who have a lot going on in their lives and little time to think about banks.


Don’t talk about yourself —
have a goat do it.

As part of rebranding MountainOne, we developed a character: Mo the Spokesgoat. Sure-footed and resilient, Mo is a caprine stand-in for the bank’s dedicated, down-to-earth humans.


Mo is making
his mark

On TV and digital, from out-of-home to social (where Mo likes to shout out his fellow G.O.A.T. Tom Brady), MountainOne’s new brand platform and advertising campaign are hiking brand awareness to ever-loftier peaks.
Million YouTube views of “Meet Mo”

The Brand

A brand platform that
feels like second nature

Once Mo got people’s attention, we wanted them to keep noticing MountainOne. Nature-inspired colors and landscape photos from MountainOne’s neck of the woods make the brand stand out.


Jill Amato
SVP of Marketing, MountainOne

“Having a spokesgoat helps our bank stand out in a crowded category and lets us talk about financial services with a sense of humor.”

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